Universal Divorce, Breakups, Leaving Others Pt. 1©

Universal Divorce, Breakups, Leaving Others Pt. 1©

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 IF YOU ARE PLANNING A DIVORCE or breakup,   and to DO THIS AS AMICABLY AS POSSIBLE,   this will Help you!  No Matter what the Divorce Laws are in your Country or what type of breakup!

Universal Divorce & Breakups  includes

  • Alleviation of Dependence upon and Release from UNDER - SYSTEMS/Old Paradigm
  • Court Cases - Divorce, Custody, Civil, Criminal
  • Children & their Ascensions, Smoke Abuse, & Biological Parents
  • ALL Divorces from 3D Earth, Financial and Bed Partners
  • Living Entities & Persons  Vs. Non-Light Forms and Old Systems
  • Breaking Up for Good from the Old Karmic Ways of Living
  • Clearing 3rd Eye -Negativity, Rituals, Hedonism, Trauma
  • Body Clearing - Upper and  Lower Chakras

Twin Flame Webinar to assist you in Integrating the New Connections, Push out Old ones and EASE into your PHYSICAL UNION. Especially Post Equinox, to assist you with Divorces of all kinds, not only from Current situations.   This Webinar contains several Attunements to be experienced