Harvesting your Love©

Harvesting your Love©

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Hello you will be pleased to purchase this Webinar, which is full of not only information but exercises to open up your Light Body Channels and Chakras

If you've had shoulder and arm pain, pain in your feet and hips,  Elevating sensations of Hot then Cold,  or  feeling energies swirling in and around you, yet buffetting you, you will gain much from this.  Topics include:

INDIGO MASCULINE  TRANSIT  Transformation and Elevation

Inter-Mobility,  Flying Chakras & Anchor Points & Exercises to Open These

True Heart Communication (Its not Telepathy!!) - Language of Light

Letting Go of Karmic Ways, Last of Karma & Behaviors

Gridwork of the Indigos

Clearing to Receive & Accept your Union

Sacred Sexuality & Multidimensional Sexuality  & Lesbian Gay Trans Twin Flames

ps this one is to get you two FLYING together….TOGETHER!